How We Work

Our Ethical Commitment

The objective of Saheli Women is to provide livelihood opportunities and economic empowerment to women in the rural village of Bhikamkor in Rajasthan, India.

To achieve this objective, we are committed to the following fair trade principles:

  • employment is freely chosen
  • freedom of association is respected
  • working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • child labor is not allowed
  • a living wage is paid
  • working hours are not excessive / women design her own working schedule
  • discrimination is prohibited
  • regular employment is provided
  • no harsh or inhumane treatment

These principles follow the United Nation’s Ethical Fashion Initiative’s Code of Conduct

Our Sustainable Commitment

Materials Used

  • No fabric is wasted in our production process: the workers take extra fabric home to be reused for their families
  • Fabric sourcing: we only use upcycled, organic, and GOTS certified organic biodegradable fabrics and refuse synthetic materials
  • When sourcing fabric we only partner with small ethically producing manufacturers in India
  • All products are shipped in reusable unbleached cotton bags

Working Conditions

  • Fair wages that increase as we gain more work, fair hours, fair working conditions, a happy hygienic work environment
  • A Studio that feels like a home where ladies are free to cook, bring their children, brew chai, chat and celebrate life and Indian festivals together
  • Capacity building: each woman is trained in each part of the garment construction process so that they have a refined set of skills
  • Self-organization: the women organize themselves with the assistance of two village lady managers

What We Promote to Our Partner Brands

  • Handloom woven fabrics
  • Vegetable-dyed fabrics and khadi, a hand-woven fiber cloth from India
  • Ahimsa silk (peace silk), a nonviolent form of silk
  • GOTS certified ink
  • Embroidery, this maintains traditional practices of Indian artisan embroidery and links it with the international market  

Plans for the Future

  • A Solar powered studio
  • Replace tin roof on studio and expand walls out to make the space bigger
  • Buy a means for transport so more ladies from away villages can come to the studio
  • Build a small new home for one of our widowed mothers
  • Partnering with more brands so that we can train more village ladies and give them the opportunity to become financially independent

Learn more about how we uphold our ethical commitment by exploring the pages below:

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