Our Philosophy

Sustainable production is defined with three pillars of sustainability: production that benefits life’s economic, social, and environmental sides.  

We view sustainability as a moral journey, taking part in a movement towards production practices that are in harmony with the environment and workers are treated fairly. We follow a social enterprise structure, this means our end goal is not profit. We use the revenue generated to pay workers salaries and fixed costs and commit additional funds back into the community development programs of our parent organization, IPHD. We believe this approach is more sustainable because it is not donation-dependent, which can be inconsistent.  IPHD takes a holistic approach to community development through its girls’ education project, health program, and livelihood project (Saheli Women).

Currently, the Saheli center is the commerce center of the village. Working here is one of the only ways for women in the Bhikamkor community and neighboring villages to earn money.  Beyond this, by working in our studio the ladies are able to make enough money to save, send their children to school, and become financially independent. We work regardless of caste and religious boundaries.  With this humanitarian mindset, we hope to inspire brands and producers alike worldwide to reflect on their own manufacturing methods and recognize the need for change.

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